About Cinephilia. PH.

Cinephilia. PH. is a blog site based in the Philippines created by Louie Baharom that caters to cinephiles around the world. It contains movie reviews and movie news that movie buffs might find interesting. So, stay right there and let’s get addicted to cinema!


About Louie Baharom:


Born and raised in the Philippines, Louie Baharom is currently a college student taking up AB Communication Arts at Colegio de San Juan de Letran. Ever since he was a child, he has always been fond of films, and has always dreamed of being a filmmaker. He began film blogging in 2015 during his first year in college, and has since been doing his thing. But aside from being a cinephile, he’s also a music junkie who embraces all genres there is even if he’s a huge hip-hop fan. Being a film enthusiast, he makes sure to watch all kinds of films available – be it the good or the bad kind.