Meet the Characters of “Ang Pagsanib Kay Leah Dela Cruz”

Kamikaze Pictures, a joint venture between VIVA Films and Reality Entertainment, proudly present Sarah Lahbati and Shy Carlos in leading roles in the haunting movie coming out this June, produced by the award-winning director Erik Matti, and directed by Katski Flores.

A troubled cop named RUTH has just moved into a small town when she witnesses a young girl named LEAH jumped out of her balcony. Gossip is spread and suspicions are raised as to why it happened and who should be blamed. Fingers are pointed at the nanny, Rosario and the guidance counselor, Sis. Eloiza, who were seen performing suspicious acts to the young girl. As Leah’s odd behavior escalates and Rosario dies a gruesome death, Ruth jumps on the case and scrambles to put the pieces together. However, the investigation takes a darker turn when Leah’s possession is revealed and sinister connections between the people closest to her come bubbling to the surface. Soon, the devil’s influence takes hold of not just Leah but also Ruth and everyone else around her.

Meet the characters:

Sanib 3 (1).jpg

Ruth (Sarah Lahbati) is a reclusive police officer reeling from the death of her younger brother when she witnesses Leah jumped from her balcony. After Gabriel, Leah’s childhood friend begs for her help, she joins the investigation and pieces together the tangled web of evil lies and secrets kept by those around the young girl.


Leah (Shy Carlos) is a seemingly innocent young girl from a small quiet town. But all of this is brought into question when she begins to act in strange and unexplainable ways, causing harm to those around her. She grows fearful and helpless as the events around her get out of hand until finally, the devil takes over her.

Sanib 1.jpg

Gabriel (Julian Trono) is a lighthearted, charming teen who likes to cheer people up. He is childhood friends with Leah and has deep affections for her. But when he finds out about Leah’s dark secret, he takes it hard and it breaks him completely.

Rosario is a loyal maid to the Dela Cruz household. She loves Leah like her own daughter but her dark, troubled past catches up to her, leading to very dire consequences.

Marite is Leah’s mother. She blames Rosario’s superstitions and her husband Oscar’s shortcomings for what happened to Leah. But what she doesn’t realize is that she too contributed to the maelstrom leading to Leah’s possession.

Oscar is a kind and loving father to Leah but a domineering husband to Marite. His frustrations with his wife are born out of rumors he has heard about her which he eventually finds out are all true.

From the creators of the blockbuster movie, Seklusyon, Ang Pagsanib Kay Leah Dela Cruz opens in cinemas on June 28, 2017.


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