Movie Review: ‘Can’t Help Falling in Love’ (2017)

Review by Brylle Fajardo 


Right off the bat, Can’t Help Falling In Love does not pretend to be indifferent from movies of the same genre. What it slams to your face isn’t different from what’s you’ve sat through in local contemporary rom-coms, yet, the movie takes its sheer absurdity to its paramount. It then lets it bloom as a positive and negative aspect that makes it rather quite fun to watch. However, all of those also invalidates everything that we are supposed to take seriously as the film progresses onto the third act that is devoid of any verisimilitude and annoyingly overstuffed with conflicts. There, the characters are confronted with many problems, though none of them seem real enough to be believable. Their personalities are inauthentic, and are portrayed in an over-the-top manner just to pave way for the “kilig” scenes to occur and satisfy the celebrated love-team’s fans for them to make their hearts flutter. Daniel Padilla portrays Dos terrifically, but his opposite Kathryn Bernardo, who plays Gab, very well proves that she doesn’t mean much to us for her to make a mark in our minds. She may have already been a terribly-written character, but what adds insult to injury is Bernardo’s portrayal to stack all of the flaws all the way up. Director Mae Cruz-Alviar, in many occasions, attempts to feature the beauty of its’ landscape setting in the film’s third act, and it goes on to be surprisingly successful – mainly because the location was already delightful in itself. Jumping to more technical talk, the cinematography, is cookie-cutter material, as though one could hand an amateur a camera and other equipment, and the result would still be the same. Editing is also subpar, and dialogue is sometimes off with the video – adding to other reasons as to why this turned out to be such an alluring mess. Indeed, one could watch Can’t Help Falling In Love and enjoy it even if he weren’t a fan – as long as he tries to blindly get adored by its “charm”. In the end, it’s just harmless fun like always, but just to be clear, there really isn’t anything a person estranged of Kathniel would eagerly anticipate in this flick.

Rating: 2/5 stars

Cant-Help-Poster-3-415x600 (1).jpg

  • Can’t Help Falling in Love is directed by Mae Cruz-Alviar, and is now showing in PH cinemas nationwide from Star Cinema.

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