Check Out This Horrifying Set Photo From the “IT” Remake!

Bill Skarsgard sure is about to bring on the chills in the IT remake, and we’ve got more evidence as proved by this new set photo:


Yikes! Now that is terrifying! Almost enough to be nightmare fuel. Skarsgard will be sporting a much different look than that of Tim Curry’s in the TV mini-series, and from the looks of it, Skarsgard will be delivering a new take on the iconic clown.

Directed by Mama‘s Andrés MuschiettiIt follows the small town of Derry, Maine, where seven children come face-to-face with life problems, bullies and a shape shifting monster that frequently takes the shape of a clown.

It will be striking terror when it opens in PH cinemas on September 7 from Warner Bros. Pictures.

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